Zoximayru Ulirys (Zoxi)

Age: 55

Gender: Male

Personality: Prankster, joker, misleading, sometimes organized, relaxed, and open minded. Often times plays like a ladies man. There are rare moments he becomes disciplined.

Birthmark: Hivanis Tattoo

Residence: Hivanis Hot Springs Physical Description: He is quite a muscular guy with buff. Being a pretty tall guy (5.6 feet) is natural for the average Tivanian bearing the Hivanis Birthmark found at his right arm biceps. As a country resident, his endurance made him a durable and physically fit for heavy work. He always wears country-side-colored (brown, orange, etc.) short pants and T-shirts. He has Orange Red eyes.

Biography: Being the best friend of Celena and Lucas' master, he holds a possible similarity to their master. Yet he loves making jokes and sarcasms that always ends him up getting hurt by the twin doctors. His way of speaking is cowboy slang. Joining with his best friend, they made and found The Luxentum Express Project (a restored eco-friendly steam train to travel far distances).

Relationships: Best friend to Lucas’ master, a sort of an uncle-figure for Lucas, an acquaintance to Celena and Mien Rin, a failing ladies-man to the Lexyria Twins.

Occupation: Business Project Manager, an engineer, a researcher, and a horse racer.