Verdio Yuzura

Age - 34

Gender - Male

Personality - A stoic person with a sternal tone to boot. Through that tough and disciplined attitude is an understanding man who does what he does best: to help others. His smile gives him some issues though. Rarely does he talk casually to others except for days whenever his friends are around him. 

Birthmark – Herbardam Tattoo

Residence – Herbardam Sanctuary

Physical Description – He has a height of 5.3 feet. He likes wearing blue green traveler sets with dark colored green clothes. All the time, he carries a bag with pens, notebooks, and other novels. At times, he hangs a pen at his left ear. At times, he wears his slavish hat during sunny days. His cape is brown in color.

Biography – A popular novelist who lived his day as a freelance writer. He travels from many places in Vitandes, to different families, and different events. He’s on a quest to find and write the ultimate novel masterpiece that can change his life. For the adults who seek his wisdom, he is the one they can approach.

Relationships – Colleagues with Erin and Taiko.

Occupation – Nomad traveler and Novelist