Taitoko Kexiya (Taiko)

Age - 38

Gender - Male Personality - Experienced and Composed, a balanced person of joy and business, approaching, tends to be longevity on speeches, and being too geeky. Bland whenever he tries to have a joke

Birthmark – Herbardam tattoo

Residence – Bartoza Town

Physical Description - Some believed that there are only few more remaining Tivanians born with remarkable knowledge. Thus, this physique looked like a mix of a Manavian and an Herbarian. He likes wearing dark green clothing with any kind of pen carried at his doctoral uniform pocket. He has a height of 6.0 feet.

Biography - He was the residing doctor of Hivanis Keep, Capital of Hivanis Kingdom.  A doctor with many contributions to healing techniques: including ‘the theory of the physical genetics of Navanians’. He has a sister living at their old farm.

Relationships – A best friend to the Wesnu family. Sorta treated as a brotherly sibling to Keema

Occupations – Health Researcher and doctor