Ruzel Tetle

Age - 9

Gender - Male

Personality – Unlike his father, he is more artistic and expressive. Most of the time, he prefers hanging with others and is afraid of doing things solo. When he is lively, he is very energetic. When he is exhausted however, he naps and sleeps like a log and heavily slack of much more. His whiny side may come randomly for many.

Birthmark – Tramorian Tattoo

Residence – Lexan Tramore Province (Trial world)

Physical Description – He has a height of 118 centimeters. He likes wearing topaz colored clothes along with a bag filled with paper and crayons. He’s a chubby child who always goes for the big smile.

Biography – As a son of a wealthy tramorian, he lives a rich yet average life. Along with his father, he rather lives their lives like the average tivanian life instead of being rich looking people. While his father is rather technical, he is more so creative and imaginative. In a tragic fate, he was killed by the shadows during the “Spiritual Massacre”

Relationships – The son of Galeor Tetle.

Occupation – none