Mein rin

Sketch from Fiery

Mien Rin Sanipela

Age: 35

Personaity: Wise, knowledgable, tends to be disorganized, understanding, sometimes too quiet, modest, and helpful

Birthmark and Race: Unknown ; Navanian

Description - an Aunt companion of the young couple. Being taller than both of them, she has a slightly pink hue on her skin tone with deep lavender tone. Her body figure is fitting that some men were allured to. This woman wears a casual clothing of blouse and pants of rose red and sakura pink respectively. She bears a symbol she still has to find, figured as a tivani body. She is also the older sister of Celena


-Mien Rin's name was originally inspired by one of Madworld's bosses. Rin Rin, a female Asian fighter that has a resemblance to Chun Li from the Street Fighter Series.

-To Compensate for her figure, Mienshao, a pokemon from Generation 5, was the inspiration to get in synch with the Name

-Her Symbol in the Vitandes Version, it resembles another symblol from another race. Which is yet to be revealed after Feli Chronicles Vitandes.