Lucas Tanabata

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Personality: Independent, caring, curious, loyal, at times overprotective, takes some things too seriously, on other cases - just indecisive.

Birthmark: Navanis tattoo

Residence: Auvelis Village

Physical Description: a young husband who is slightly taller (4.6 feet) thatn his wife, Celena. With a skin color of light brown, he wears a traveler set of clothes. He is a bit muscular but more on healthy flat tone. Also packed with a bundled travel bag and wearing light green clothing with a few blue ones. His eye color is ruby red. His birthmark is located at his right arm wrist..

Biography: He was the first of the 3 adopted children of his "master". He never knew who his parents were and he lived his first 3 years in the wilderness of Psper Plains. When he was encountered by Zoximayru, who found him watching the finished "Hot Spring Project -- who could be said was his one-moment-uncle, temporarily raised him before he was raised as a student and child by his master. Unlike Celena and Mien Rin, he is often having conflicts to his choices. Sometimes, he questions the simplest things too much that his master had to educate him a lot -- along with Celena and Mien Rin. At the age of 20, he married Celena Tanabata. He is the father of Jireh Tanabata.

Relationships: A husband to Celena, a father to Jireh, best friend to Mien Rin, a sort of one time son to Zoxi, and a follower to his master (who passed away)

Occupation: Farmer


-Lucario was the chosen pokemon as inspiration for Lucas for its loyalty and trust to its allies

-A small hint of suffering from the hero of Mother 3, Lucas, will be related