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Keema Wesnu

Age - 31

Gender - Female

Personality - Composed and sometimes acts like a bragger, open minded, at occasional cases, easy to surprise.

Birthmark – Hivanis tattoo

Residence - Taminiz Village

Physical Description – She is like every other common woman physique to that of a Hivanian. She's the kind of girl who clothes herself with orange color, some yellow, and a bit of brown. Most of the time, she wears a farmer set complete with a mocha colored cowgirl hat and eyes. She has a height of 5.3 feet.

Biography – being born in any part of the Hivanis kingdom meant they learned western slang language. She is an average cowgirl earning a living as a farmer and chef. When she was selling her everyday Taminiz Candy to the Navanian capital, she met Imtrimi and that one encounter began the bloom of their friend to lover story. She is married to Imtrimi. She has an old brother who works as a medical researcher and a doctor at Hivanis keep.

Relationships - A wife to Imtrimi and a sister to Taitoko

Occupation – Farmer and Taminiz Candy Maker