Johanna Lexyria

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Personality:Johanna play the wise and calm, rational yet stoic personality. She is a disciplined and mature woman. She has a regular tendancy to act out her twin's general personality

Birthmark: Navanis tattoo

Residence: Auvelis Village

Physical Description: Even if she is genetically an average Navanian, she eats quite much which makes her a bit chubby. She is quite pinkish white with some parts a bit pinkish brown. She wears white doctoral clothing during her nursing operations. But on her casual days, she like wearing teal colored clothes and pants with aquamarine colors. She’s 4.8 feet tall. Her birthmark is found at her forehead followed with red violet eyes.

Biography: Being raised by grandparents, she and her twin sister only get to know and live with their grandparents for 15 years. When their grandparents passed away, both Avea and she managed to find a place and live a peaceful life at Auvelis Village. They eventually have to get their jobs too as doctors. Along their training to become well certified doctors, she and her twin met the group of Celena. But both had a stronger friendship with Mien Rin

Relationships: Siblings with Avea, best friends with Mien Rin, friends with Lucas and Celena, and a friendly rival with Zoximayru.

Occupation: Doctor and Nurse