Jireh Tanabata

Gender: Male

Birthmark: Unknown. A birthmark that has a small circle in the middle in the middle and 17 lines spread around yet patterned like a Tivanian.

Residence: Auvelis Village

Physical Description: Its physique is similar to other Tivanian babies. he's got quite a round V like face with red eyes like his father. His unknown birthmark wraps around his chest and belly. It will appear only visible only when lit by a Vilight Shade.Oftentimes, his mother always wraps him with her scarves-.

Biography: The young baby of Celena and Lucas. Recently given birth at the monument Navanis Cemetery of their master, it is a baby who holds a unique symbol that can be compared to a Navanis symbol, but with lines divided to 17 and a circle in the middle.

Relationships: Child of Lucas and Celena

Other: Whenever Celena carries him, she lays him at her bosom wrapped around his mother's clothing


- Jireh is an old term for being "the provider"

-Through the series, he has similar characteristics to the Legendary pokemon Jirachi the Wish Maker.