Imtrimi Wesnu (Trim) 

Age - 33

Gender - Male

Personality - A quirky guy when visitors come and a nice guy to approach. He tends to become lax after a long day of work, though oftentimes, he can be a lazy bone.

Birthmark – Hivanis tattoo

Residence – Taminiz Village

Physical Description - He holds a muscular appeal to that of a Hivanian but a balanced color of Navanian and Hivanian skin. Wooden brown is his favorite clothing paired with his mahogany eye color. Being a Navanian turned to Hivanian which resulted his height from 4.7 feet to 5.5 feet

Biography – Before he immigrated to Hivanis, he was like your average Navanian living his day to day activity as an herb and fruit specialist. Before, his name was Imtrimi Alayan. When he met Keema at his old place, he began hanging out with her. Slowly, his Navanis tattoo changes to resemble his present Hivanian physique.

Relationships - A husband to Keema 

Occupation - Taminiz Candy maker, farmer, and flavor specialist.