Galeor Tetle

Age - 45

Gender - Male

Personality – Oftentimes, he acts like an average minded person and he dislikes smart talking people even if he is smart himself as a miner. He is manageable but ignorant to his silly mistakes. He’s forgettable to long term things that others have to remind him again and again. Oftentimes he likes keeping himself fit everyday by walking outside the mountains. At the current present though, he mourns the death of his son.

Birthmark – Tramorian Tattoo

Residence – Lexan Tramore Province 

Physical Description – Oftentimes a big muscular type of person combined his big sized head. His physique is sometimes called a rock filled body thanks to his weight and muscle build up.

Biography – Living within the mountains of Lexan Tramore Province, he lived his life as a miner. He played an important role on building the Luxentum Express before the “Spiritual massacre” destroyed his homeland and learning about the death of his son.

Relationships – Father of Ruzel Tetle, and a fellow companion of Zoxi.

Occupation – Miner and Manager