Emerzin Nacote

Age - 36

Gender - Male

Personality – He is much the opposite of his best friend Verdio. But he is as smart intellectually as Verdio. But he is much more competent on living the humble life and helps others in a casual and caring way. Has a tendency to be talkative, which makes him a gentle giant. If he continuously does things he find tedious and boring, he’ll be slacking the task off.

Birthmark – Herbardam Tattoo

Residence – Bartoza Town

Physical Description – He has a height of 5.5 feet. He likes wearing Emerald Green traveler sets along with his transparent glasses. Like the average Herbarian, he has tall arms and legs that make it capable for him to climb trees. He often adds something white or light toned to his fashion asset. At times though, he wears light brown clothing.

Biography – A person who lives an average life of learning ancient symbols. Though he may know many historical things related to symbology, he is a rather approachable despite his tall size. At his free time, he teaches children many morals too.

Relationships – old colleague and best friend of Verdio and Taiko.

Occupation – Ancient Symbologist