Celena 2

Sketch from Fiery

Celena Tanabata

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Personality: Playful, childish, loving, expressive, naive and shy, simple minded, and sometimes too dependent on others. Only once in a blue she acts maturely

Birthmark: Navanis tattoo 

Residence: Auvelis Village

Physical Description:a young mother tivani who is adequate of height (4.4 feet tall) colored with white snow cappuccino skin. She wears a silk dress of petal white, along with a white scarf of lavendar with two stars found at the tied ends of it, with silk wooden shoes of light brown.Opening her left hand reveals her Navanian birthmark. She holds an eye color of Topaz.

Biography: Before she got married to Lucas, Celena's last name is Sanipela due to Mien Rin being her sister. Like her husband and sister, their master adopted her. She is the youngest of their master's students. At 19 years old, she married Lucas Tanabata as her husband. She is a young mother who gave birth to Jireh Tanabata. Unlike her husband, who is having trouble on expressing certain emotions and social skills, Celena does better and she has to help him with his problems.

Relationships: A young sister to Mien Rin, a faithful student and child to her master (who passed away), a wife to Lucas, and a mother to Jireh.

Occupation: Farm product seller.

Celena and Jireh tanabata

My own Sketch and Photoshop of Celena and Jireh


-the Fairy Spirit of Courage, the one assisting the Link of Timeline C in Phantom hourglass, was a inspired name for this protagonist.

-She is basely inspired by Cinccino, a pokemon from Unova where the scarfs resemble their style of wearing. The white skin tone also gets mixed to the similarities