Navanian TivaniEdit

Known to have a fair height, a mix of white and other colors, very balanced on fitness, and described to have a jack of all traits. They bear a tattoo of a circle with 5 triangle colors (Diamond`White, Emerald Green, Aquamarine, Ruby Red, and Topaz Brown). On certain conditions, they are the only race that can hold 2 traits. A Navanian trait along with either of the 4 other Tivanes traits.

Manavian TivaniEdit

Best described for being the tallest of all Tivani in Vitandes. They are the most flexible at body figure. Also, their skin color is primarily blue in a variety degree of light and dark tone.Their tattoo symbolizes a blue river particle. With the tattoo, it gives them the adaptability of breathing and living under the water like aquatic fauna (animals)

Hivanian TivaniEdit

Known to have an orange brown color, making them very resistant to volcanic heat. But they hate the winter cold. They share nearly the same qualities like te Navanians but men are more muscular and women are more tanned than the average Navanian. They bear a tattoo of an orange ember in a figure of a fire within a furnace. Thus it gives them great tolerance to duroughts. They remain as neutral on rain. But they can't last winter seasons long.

Tramorian TivaniEdit

Living on the open plains and inside the mountain made them very muscular and heavy. Theie skin tone in average is a mix of brown and light gold and dark silver.The tattoo they bear symbolizes the earth itself on a light brown crown. With this tattoo, it made their eyes and ears more sensitive in the dark.

Herbarian TivaniEdit

Being the lightest of all tivani in Vitandes made climbing on trees, run on the forest floor, and swing from tree to tree. Known to love humid and any weather with sun (minus droughts), it makes them prone to stormy and winter seasons. Living in the forests, swamps, and flower fields made their skin tone match the color of their residing kind of Flora (plants).`They bear the tattoo of a forest leaf and a flower.

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