Origin of the BirthmarksEdit

It all began according to Navanian beliefs that the Goddess Feli created her children which were the Tivanian Race. What every tivanian has learned from Feli herself before they were born to Vitandes would be about The Creed of Feli.

The Creed of FeliEdit

  • the creed of Feli is binded with the promise she made to the race of her own creation called “Innocence of one Life”:
    • Every Tivani born on her universe were given symbolized tattoos that resembles ones destined residing lands and powers in Vitandes. There are 5 kinds of symbols that Feli choose to bear for all Tivani. It is a creed that no Tivani will be born without one of her blessings. She educated everyone in her universe the way of the tivani before they were even born in Vitandes; a blessing that she bestowed to the souls she saved.


  1. FCV birthmarks

    from left to right. Navanis, Manaqua, Hivanis, Tramore, Herbardam.

    “The circle of identity of Navanis”
  2. “The cool ocean water of Manaqua”
  3. “The warm fire sun of Hivanis”
  4. “The living earth stone of Tramore”
  5. “The growing leaf forest of Herbardam”

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